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Do soon-to-retire general counsel favor law firms that might hire them?

This is the kind of blog post that worries me. Am I going to offend the very lawyers I depend on for work? Am I merely being provocative, with no substance? Does this world need to pull any more heroes off pedestals?

I view one of my contributions to be to pull the curtain back on topics not normally addressed (See my post of March 26, 2005 on executive search firms and compensation data, March 7, 2006 on general counsel who hire their former firm, Dec. 9, 2005 on questionable ADR metrics, and Jan. 27, 2006 on dubious calculations of value added by law departments.)

Provocative blog posts are the métier of blogsters. In your face, controversial, over-the-top – let’s rattle the cages, OK?

I admire general counsel. They have very difficult jobs, yet they are human (See my post of Jan. 24, 2006 on SEC indictments of general counsel.) I suspect it is only natural to retain a firm that might give you an of counsel position.