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Documenting the frequency of document management software in law departments

Data about the prevalence of document management software comes from the First Law Department Operations Survey, published by InsideCounsel and Blickstein Group in cooperation with Huron Consulting and David Cambria of Aon Corporation. Of the 26 respondents who provided data, most of which are from large law departments based on the survey demographics, 65 percent of their law departments have “document management” software.

I presume the term as they applied it does not cover contract management systems or litigation support systems; rather, it should mean software for tracking word-processing documents, versions of them, and access to them (See my post of Dec. 6, 2007: document management with 15 references.). If so, the penetration of this software is not very high, especially if you take into account that some law departments can ride along with enterprise-wide software.

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