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Domino’s policies on law firm budgets, especially for class actions

An article (Corp. Counsel, Vol. 12, Nov. 2005 at 23) described the three phases Domino’s seeks budgets for in class actions. It also cites ACC survey data that found that law departments “require budgets 67.4 percent of the time in litigation cases, compared with 46 percent of the time in transactional matters.” I haven’t seen data on the relative frequency of litigation and non-litigation budgets, but had not thought the ratio was as low as 7 to 5. I assumed most budgeting came in litigation.

I have written previously on law-firm matter budgets, so here is a meta-post of 2005 entries (See my posts of March 24 on a modest proposal for firms, April 5 about a governmental budget form for transactional work, April 14 on budget adjustments, April 27 on budgeting and time period covered, May 20 and budget depletion just before trial, Aug. 5 on questionable savings from budgets, Aug. 26 on retainer billing and budget control, Aug. 31 on budgets compared to liability risk, and Oct. 24 on local counsel costs in the lead firm’s budget.)