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Early findings from 142 in GCM’s 2011 benchmark survey regarding 30+ matter management systems

Seven weeks from its start, 142 law departments have submitted data for the 2011 General Counsel Metrics global benchmark survey. Of them, 76 completed the question regarding their matter management system.

Astoundingly, they mentioned 30 different systems! Part of that multiplicity comes from the global participation: 87 US companies, 19 Brazilian, 7 from both the UK and Canada, along with 11 other countries are represented and systems local to some of those countries. Still, six law departments use the best represented package, while five use another. Many systems have but a single user from this set. I also noted one “Spreadsheets” and one “Outlook database” in the “matter management” references.

As the GCM survey exceeds one-thousand participants, the picture will become clearer about which software systems have more users, which tend to appeal to larger or smaller departments, and where they concentrate by industry or by country.

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