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Eight reasons why partners might not offer good ideas for how legal departments can improve

Even if solicited by a general counsel to offer candid feedback, for many reasons a relationship partner might only reluctantly and partially comment on the performance of a law department client. At least eight obstacles conspire two thwart useful observations, let alone recommendations. The partner might not:

  1. wish to offend the people who will hear what seem to them to be critical comments.

  2. disagree with the status quo or wish to rock the profitable boat.

  3. trust that remarks will be heard and reproduced accurately and with context within the legal department.

  4. have consensus within the law firm as to any particular observation.

  5. know how to think like consultants and to make acceptable, pragmatic suggestions.

  6. be creative in their approach to legal services.

  7. want to start a competition with other law firms who serve the client. Each might strive to reduce the work going to the competition.

  8. feel its worth it since unable to charge for the time spent on such these “administrative comments.”