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Electronic-evidence data-discovery vendors (cottage industry)

Law Firm Inc., Vol. 5, Sept. 2007 at 43, lists 29 vendors (software packages) cited by 115 of the Am Law 200’s technology executives. The respondents could list more than one provider used by their firm.

The relevance of the following list to law departments is that they may want to choose one or two of these vendors and force their litigation firms to use that vendor (See my post of July 31, 2006 on national vendor arrangements.).

Here are the vendors listed and the percentage of law firms that mentioned them. Kroll Ontrack (62%), Lexis Nexis (38%), CaseCentral (26%), IPRO Tech (25%), FTI Consulting [Ringtail] (24%), Electronic Evidence Discovery (24%), FIOS (23%), Stratify (23%), DTI Global (22%), OnSite E-Discovery (21%), Renew Data (18%), Encore Legal Solutions (18%), Attenex (17%), Merrill (17%), Zantaz (16%), Pitney Bowes [CompuLit, Ibis Consulting] (16%), Guidance Software (14%), CaseData (11%), First Advantage Litigation Consulting (10%), Daticon (10%), Cricket Technologies (8%), Syngence (7%), Spi (6%), Alpha Systems (5%), Discovery Mining (5%), Dolphin Search (5%), and Capital (4%). Another seven percent use a custom in-house system and 21 percent use some other package.

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