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European costs in Euros per lawyer hour

A recent survey of European law departments calculated the fully-loaded cost per lawyer hour across five industries (Chemicals, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, and Technology), a total of 48 departments. The range was 74 euros/hour to 926 euros/hour. An astonishing range, to be sure!

The median for each of the five industries, however, only ranged between 153 euros/hr and 167 euros/hr. Median fully loaded euros per lawyer hour: Chemicals 164, Healthcare 167, Manufacturing 160, Pharma 153, and Technology 167.

Based on the medians, industry makes little difference in lawyer salaries in Europe. Despite a broad range of costs of lawyer time across departments, there does appear to be some concentration or pattern irrespective of industry. If you would like a copy of the survey result, send an email to Rees Morrison at Hildebrandt regarding the LSI survey.