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Even a narrow niche like corporate secretarial functions has oodles of software

While building another post, I realized I had not assembled in one place my various comments on software for corporate secretarial functions. Not one to dally around, here are the eleven posts (See my post of July 19, 2006: corporate secretarial web portals; Aug. 9, 2006: merger of corporate secretary and matter management software; Oct. 1, 2006: service of process software; Oct. 29, 2006: software for corporate secretaries; Jan. 24, 2006: ten packages in one department; Jan. 25, 2007: board portal software; Feb. 14, 2007: corporate secretary packages; March 9, 2007 #1: more on software to assist boards; March 11, 2007: online guides at Kraft for subsidiary management; April 22, 2007: compliance software for corporate secretaries; and Oct. 24, 2008: Six Sigma project to design corporate entity application.).

If you know of leading vendors or other candidates for a follow-on to this post, please drop me a line.

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