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Even tiny topics on this blog suggest more profound managerial implications

Seemingly trivial topics on this blog harbor important points

Some posts hear deal with seemingly trivial subjects, ones that a general counsel would be excused for passing over quickly (See my posts of Oct. 18, 2006 on shredders; May 4, 2007 on cubicles and architecture; Sept. 21, 2005 on no-hire provisions in secondment agreements; Jan. 24, 2006 on voice training; June 16, 2007 on CLE and tracking it; June 6, 2006 on fingerprint identification systems; and Oct. 18, 2006 on RFID tags.

Of tiny importance these topics may appear, but each one contributes to the effectiveness of the law department, and each one can cause or reduce significant problems. In order they bear on confidentiality, morale, relations with outside counsel, leadership, knowledge management, security and records management. Each topic is a major concern, so the small components have importance.

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