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Every conceivable application for a law department in one software installation (GM)

General Motors Detroit-based legal department employs 107 attorneys and 109 support staff. The department chose Mitratech’s TeamConnect and then both designed and implemented an impressive set of modules. The integrated modules include “document management, records retention, off-site storage management, regulatory reporting and rule compliance, intellectual property, litigation support, and issue and problem tracking.”

Further, according to InsideCounsel, Jan. 2007 at 2 (Mitratech Special Section ad), GM’s legal department also has modules for matter management and budget controls.

Nine applications! There are a few others I have run into, such as corporate secretary and subsidiary tracking, board books (See my posts of July 19, 2006 on board software, Aug. 9, 2006 on the merger of corporate secretary and Board software; Oct. 1, 2006 on matter management software joined with corporate service-of-process software; and Jan. 24, 2006 for ten corporate-secretary applications.), and options tracking, but this is an impressive collection.

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