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Favor me with email examples of secondments in the US from a law firm to a law department!

If you know of a lawyer who has been seconded by a law firm to a client’s law department, would you share with me the level of lawyer, the time period, anything you can disclose about costs, and how well the arrangement worked? I will compile all responses, keeping all facts generic and anonymous, and both send them back by email to contributors and post the composite summary on this blog.

My previous forays into secondment leave lots of room for more information about this practice (See my posts of Sept. 21, 2005; Oct. 26, 2005 on reverse secondments; and June 13, 2006 on bilateral secondments.). At least five law departments have been noted here who have brought aboard secondees (See my posts of Sept. 25, 2006 on Minerals Technologies; Oct. 30, 2006 on Ikon Office Solutions; Feb. 25, 2007 on SAB Miller; Feb. 25, 2007 on Pfizer; and Oct. 21, 2005 on South East Water.).

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