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Fifth set of 13 blogs that have referred visitors to Law Department Management Blog

This post continues my series of thanks and gratitude. Both are due when other blogs or websites cite one of my posts or include me on their blog roll. I have thanked 53 so far, and here add another 13 (See my post of June 17, 2009: 14 blogs/websites that have directed readers here; June 26, 2009: 13 more referral sources; July 10, 2009: 13 more referral sites; and July 19, 2009: another baker’s dozen.). (Mary Abraham, Esq.) (Dolphin Software) (Liz Harris, Esq.) (Stephen Nipper, Esq.) (John Fernandez) ( and its 30 blogs) (Ian.Lauwerys) (Robert Ambrogi, Esq.) (Rahul Jindal) (Fred Fresard, Esq.) (Rora Tanaka) (D. Michael Grodhaus, Esq.)

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