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Five ideas for cool things to do on retreats

When you bring your lawyers together for an offsite, you need some fun things for them to do. At one gathering, all the attendees broke into small groups and assembled bikes. At the end of the day, children from the community came in and gratefully accepted the bikes as gifts. Another gathering took a cooking class. Man, a flan with élan is good for the clan! Paintball provides an opportunity for some law departments to get down and dirty. Another fun activity I have enjoyed at a law department retreat is skeet shooting.

More about retreats lurks elsewhere on this blog (See my posts of Sept. 22, 2005: my most memorable retreats; March 25, 2005: my Rule of Three for retreat topics; Sept. 28, 2007: electronic name tags; May 21, 2007: gifts given at retreats; Sept. 28, 2007: invite a thoughtful general counsel to speak; March 26, 2007: useful take-aways; June 28, 2005: invite a facilitator to a retreat; March 12, 2006: electronic voting software.).

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