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Five kinds of conflict and examples for each from legal departments

From talent mgt., June 2010 at 36, we can find out about five varieties of conflict. Each of them flares up in legal departments.

Process: such as if two managers of litigation each believe that their way to handle litigation holds is the right way.

Role: such as if the patent lawyers think they should take the lead drafting licensing agreements that cover IP but operational lawyers that serve the business units disagree.

Directional: if the Associate General Counsel for Europe thinks one firm should handle nearly all instructions whereas the Associate General Counsel for Asia/Pacific argues loudly for a full panel of firms.

Interpersonal: such as when an extrovert paralegal can’t stand the timid, mousy, withdrawn introvert paralegal, who in turn despises the full-of-himself, noisy, showoff hotdog extrovert.

External: such as when the SEC investigates a possible violation of the FCPA.

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