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For ambitious lawyers of the future, beyond neuropharmacology gleams gene doping

I have predicted that lawyers inside and outside corporations will increasingly use brain-enhancing drugs to sharpen their mental faculties (See my post of June 22, 2008: neuroscience with 32 references.). Pills for performance is probably happening already, and drugs taken in the near future will make the mental rush of Red Bull feel like a calf.

A long step beyond pharmaceuticals, years to be sure, is gene doping. According to an eminent sports physician, Warren Strudwick, from an item about him in Stanford Bus., Vol. 77, Nov. 2008 at 9, competitive people will alter their genetic makeup to gain an edge. He “predicts that the manipulation of human chromosomes will be used not only by athletes to produce stronger bodies with specifically designed skills, but also by society at large,” which to me means that some lawyers will experiment with cerebral boosts through genetic engineering. Wealthy lawyers will be among the first adopters of mental mutation. I know, you think I am addled and certainly nowhere near taking IQ drugs of altering my chromosomal makeup.

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