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For the internationalists among law department management, take a look at Babel-Law

My friend Greg Bufithis has used his huge network of international staff and colleagues at Project Counsel to create Babel-Law. The site will provide articles, news, and commentary on various legal issues for general counsel — corporate governance, regulation, global competition & antitrust, compliance, litigation & e-discovery, law department management— from their native sources in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the U.S. Babel-Law posts material in its native language.

The item I particularly noticed was about a corporate counsel conference in Europe. “Building on 14 years of success with its Annual Corporate Counsel Institute, Georgetown Law inaugurated its ”Corporate Counsel Institute” – Europe in London in November. Planned by a special advisory board of in-house and outside counsel, the new program was designed to give in-house lawyers and private practitioners practical tips and up-to-the-minute developments affecting the representation of companies throughout Europe.”