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Four more tips for how to derail the email express rushing at you

A number of tips are discussed earlier on this blog (See my posts of Nov. 6, 2006 with three tips; June 16, 2006 and five tips; Dec. 28, 2006 with additional suggestions and comments; July 20, 2007 on Capital One and two tips; and Nov. 7, 2007 with five good practices.). But the hits just keep on rolling!

Law Technology News, July 2007 at 34, presents several good ideas from Tom Ranalli of Kirkland & Ellis.

1. Put your main point in the first paragraph, like a news journalist starts with the guts of the story.

2. Address separate topics in separate emails; don’t jam a group of unrelated topics into one message.

3. If the thread of a discussion changes, rename the subject line so that readers pick up on the new direction rather than the out-of-date topic.

4. Drop attachments that have already appeared, unless you add a recipient or the attachment needs to be available so readers can make sense of the message.

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