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Four recent conferences – and a call for papers, so to speak

If a reader attended one of the following four conferences and would be willing to share with me any of the conference proceedings on management topics, I will be glad to post about the ideas they contain. Or let me know what ideas were interesting to you. Anonymity fully preserved!

2008 Corporate Counsel Leadership Forum, Chicago, USA on September 17th, organized by the Executive Forum

2008 Corporate Counsel Summit Europe, Lausanne, Switzerland on September 23-24, organized by Legal Week

European In-House Counsel 2008, Brussels, Belgium on September 29, organized by LLR Events

General Counsels’ Summit, London, UK on October 16, 2008, organized by the Economist Conferences
These came to my attention in Legal Strat. Rev., Vol. 1, Autumn 2008 at 11. In the past I have commemorated many conferences (See my post of March 29, 2005: some carping on conferences; March 9, 2006: recent or upcoming conferences with management topics; March 17, 2006 #1: PLC Global; April 19, 2006 #3: Ark Group; April 19, 2007 #4: three conferences; April 30, 2006 #4: Legal Week; Feb. 24, 2007 # 3: IBA; March 23, 2008: Call to Action Summit; July 13, 2008: ACC and global drivers; and Oct. 10, 2008: sponsorships by law departments.).

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