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Four things in-house lawyers do to manage job-related stress, a tad tongue in cheek

The website devoted to in-house counsel periodically asks short poll questions. One of them concerned what lawyers do to lessen stress on the job. The results appear in Corp. Counsel, Dec. 2010 at 86, with whatever dubious statistical validity you want to attribute to credit them.

“Prepare in advance” (32%) appeals to the neurotic compulsive among us. “Breath of fresh air” (24%) presumably does not include window ledge debates whether to jump. “Playing music” (24%) could be Ride of the Valkyries blasting out ala Apocalypse Now or the Chorus of the Slaves from Verdi’s Nabucco. “Just stop working” (20%) implies a relatively short reprieve or it could increase paycheck stress.

On the whole, if you are under the gun and feel you just can’t cope, it does help to bite off a little and not procrastinate, it does help to exercise, put on a favorite track, and give yourself a short break.

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