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From evaluations to performance management

A consulting group, having reviewed a municipal Office of the Corporate Counsel, recommended that the OCC transform the existing evaluation system for attorneys and support staff into a performance management system with the following parameters:

1. based on a core-competency model;
2. aligned with the OCC’s strategic objectives;
3. incorporates multi-source feedback with links to customer satisfaction;
4. sets performance measures based on objective criteria that focus on quantifiable measures and outcomes;
5. links performance appraisals to compensation, promotion, development, and training; and
6. emphasizes in its evaluation process clarity, simplicity, and communication.

One can’t fault the underlying principles embodied in these characteristics. For additional insights see these posts: (1) core competencies: Sept. 21, 2005 in a brand-based company and May 14, 2005 on Bain’s survey of tools; (2) strategic planning: Dec. 15, 2005 and Dec. 20, 2005 on real options; (3) multi-source feedback: Sept. 27, 2005 on 360 degree assessments; (4) performance measurement: April 8, 2005 that criticizes SMART goals; and (5) integration: Sept. 10, 2005 on separating evaluations from giving information on raises and bonuses.

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