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Full-page ad by Chevron’s Law Function honors one of its lawyers for contributions outside the department

An entire page in the American Lawyer commands a hefty tab, but there it is on page 12” “The Chevron Law Function is pleased to present the first annual William T. Coleman Award to José “Jay” Layug.” (I think that William T. Coleman was the fourth United States Secretary of Transportation, serving from March 7, 1975 to January 20, 1977, and the second African American to serve in the Cabinet.)

Below the smiling picture of Mr. Layug is an explanation of the award and a description of his “service to the legal profession beyond his or her Chevron-related responsibilities.”

Mr. Layug “serves as an unpaid adjunct professor at the University of the Philippines College of Law, regularly delivers lectures to government and non-government lawyers, and has been a tireless provider of pro bono representation for a number of indigent groups in the Philippines.”

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