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Gathering peer general counsel at a conference to discuss management ideas

The conclusion of my review of a university’s law department coincided with the annual conference of the Association of College and University Attorneys. My client invited the general counsels of five leading universities to gather for a few hours at the end of their conference. I presented eight or ten issues that had arisen in my review — setting aside issues that were specific to individuals.

My client carried on by describing his organizational and reporting structure. Each general counsel gave his or her matching description. That portion of the session alone was quite valuable. More valuable even than that were the discussions thereafter on specific topics, such as having a deputy or providing technology support or using a receptionist.

Most general counsel belong to groups (See my post of Feb. 20 about groups for general counsel and March 24, 2005 about a UK group.) and can find occasions to bring together some of their peers to discuss management issues

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