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GE collects diversity metrics from its law firms

GE collects diversity statistics twice a year from the 50 law firms that do the most work for it. According to Cecelia Lofters, Lead Member of GE’s Legal Diversity Council, in an interview by Met. Corp. Counsel, March 2006 at 46, GE collects two sets of information. One set asks for the numbersof women and minority lawyers at the partnership and associate levels; the other set asks more specifically for the same data for the lawyers who work on GE matters.

The Diversity Council identifies the five most diverse firms – out of the 50 – and the five least diverse firms (See my post of March 28, 2006 about difficulties defining “diversity.”). The Council meets with the five laggards “to see whether we can help them improve their diversity performance. If they are not making an effort, we want them to know that this is not acceptable and will affect their relationship with GE.” A bit mild, that “affect their relationship.”

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