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Google Desktop Search and Its Searching Powers

I have written extensively for years, with the outpouring far outpacing my ability to remember.  A little nag says to me as I write “Rees, you have probably spun together some words on this before, but where?”  So when I read about this free software that takes your files and lets you use Google search techniques on it, I asked our IT people to install it.  The next day, writing about shared services structures for a law department, I put the free program through its paces.  Wow!  It found 17 documents in nanoseconds – really, in about 1 second – and I proceeded to read them to find the yellow marked words (and I used Word’s Find function to be sure) and grab what helped me.  No more the little nag.  And that is why I am writing these blog entries on my laptop before entering them on the site.  Google can then find them if I need them.

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