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Hard-to-find, useful metrics on the frequency and cost of expert witnesses

As I have mentioned, the Round Table Group is a leading firm to help locate and manage expert witnesses (See my post of Feb. 13, 2008.). Steve Schott of the Group was kind enough gather some information for Law Department Management and to provide some metrics that might interest readers.

According to Round Table data, approximately 22 percent of state civil cases and 25 percent of federal cases involved at least one expert witness. Approximately 7-10 percent of the cases in which an expert is used require expert testimony. The Round Table at this times doesn’t have specific information regarding percentages of time experts spend in other roles (i.e., document review, consulting, testing, etc.).

The average hourly rate of a Round Table Group expert is approximately $299.

Schott also passed on that they have started a blog for experts and a blog for lawyers regarding experts.