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Help wanted on blog posts about records retention and legal department management

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Despite nearly 5,000 posts, this blog doesn’t have much about the role of in-house counsel and corporate document retention practices. Widely scattered posts offer little about this topic, mostly because this blogger doesn’t encounter records policies and practices in his consulting projects (See my post of April 19, 2006: matter codes and records retention; Jan. 25, 2007: GM and its records retention software; Dec. 23, 2005: law department responsibilities for records management policies; Feb. 6, 2007: data on vulnerability in document retention; and Feb. 5, 2007: document retention and destruction.).

On the plus side of the ledger and related to enterprise-wide document retention policies, this blog has commented on legal holds and on document management (See my post of Aug. 27, 2008: litigation hold notices with 6 references; and Dec. 6, 2007: document management with 15 references.).

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