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Help rank the most publicized recent practices in law departments

Reader, which law department management practices have been most publicized in the last ten years? (I refuse to call them “trends,” for the reason that I generally have no metrics that show increasing numbers of departments have adopted any of these practices.) But I read and hear about practices that command attention. Here is my list:

Alternative billing arrangements; balanced scorecards; benchmarking; broadbanding; business unit alignment; change management; competitive bidding; convergence; diversity; early case assessment; e-billing; guidelines for outside counsel; knowledge management; matter management systems; mission and vision statements; offshoring; online auctions; outsourcing; partnering; preferred provider programs; service level agreements; Six Sigma; tasked-based billing; temporary staff; TQM

Email me with your votes at and I will publish the results. Let me know, too, what I have overlooked.

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