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How law departments might look for chemistry with the lawyers proposed by a firm

One barrier to entry for a law firm that tries to crack into the work of a new client is that the client’s lawyers know, and probably like or at least get along with, the lawyers of the incumbent firm. How can a newcomer demonstrate the likeability of its lawyers? Not enough of chemistry leaches through in a structured and stilted presentation.

A creative approach for a firm might be to include in its proposal some facts about the psychometrics of the lawyers who would provide most of the services. The firm could say that it is vitally aware of how important personal chemistry is for the relationship between the firm in the department and so it is providing data about its core team members’ Myers-Briggs scores, Grave scores, Caliper profile. etc.

Some people might feel that level of disclosure an invasion of privacy or meaningless socio-psychological mumbo-jumbo, but others might see it as an innovative attempt to paint a fuller and more personal picture of those whom the law department lawyers would be working with.