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Huge volume of bills audited by third-party bill reviewer

Oracle describes in a release how the legal auditing firm of Stuart Maue Mitchell & James implemented Oracle BI to help it prepare reports for clients. What amazed me is the number of clients and the volume of invoices that firm has reportedly processed.

According to the press release, “The firm says that the new system supports over 2,500 users and manages the past three years’ worth of legal invoices, totaling over $300 million in fees and expenses.” Maybe the user figure is the capacity of the software, the number of in-house counsel who use it, or else it staggers me that so many law departments – mostly, I presume – have had bills audited by this one service provider. However, Stuart Maue cannot have reached the level of a third of a billion dollars of invoices audited unless it had either a few huge clients or quite a roster (See my posts of Jan. 10, 2006 about a bill auditor in a patent infringement case; Nov. 25, 2006 about auditors in the the Oxycontin litigation; and Dec. 4, 2006 about the cottage industry.).