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Hyper-specialized software: create USPTO-compliant PDF documents!

Many software companies send me notices of their products, nearly all of which I set aside since there is nothing specific to legal departments or no legal department identified. I broke my own rule, however, when up popped an invitation to a webinar about software so specialized I was amazed. It customizes documents in the PDF format specified by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

“With pdfDocs creating a USPTO-compliant PDF document is a simple print to PDF. No need for the IT department to tinker with PDF conversion settings; or download and install a “job.options” file from the USPTO …; and no need to select the USPTO conversion setting when generating the PDF document…. that complies with USPTO requirements (fonts, layers, size, page size, filename etc).”

Who would have thought it! Many legal departments file applications and registrations with the USPTO so I contravened my own rule to mention this hyper-specialized, niche application.

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