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“I never met a post I didn’t like” (Will the Blogger Rogers on metaposts)

Just shy of three years after I started this blog, I realized that I had created at least 10 metaposts – collections of at least six posts on a topic. So, on Feb. 3, 2008, I published my first group of what I called embedded metaposts, and published three more in quick succession. The “embedded” referred to the fact that I was simultaneously saving related posts in a Word file, but these assemblages were embedded and published in the blog itself. About 18 months later I tried, briefly, to combine related metaposts into what I called MetaPost Plus (See my post of June 29, 2009: my first effort at Metapost Pluses.).

Seven months ago my pile of metaposts numbered 523, citing 6,807 back references (See my post of Nov. 27, 2010: retrospective on metaposts.) having increased from 420 during the year (See my post of Jan. 29, 2010: commentary on the 420 metaposts as of then.).

During 2005 nine metaposts appeared (although they and subsequent metaposts remained unnamed and unnoticed until early 2008); 2006 saw 16 more; and 2007 increased the pace to 41. The next year jumped to 157 metaposts, but 2009 eclipsed that number completely: 203 metaposts. The pace fell off during 2010 (108 metaposts) and so far this year there have been 57. Overall, they average 13 references per metapost. The total in my Excel database of metaposts equals 592 but since I just put up Part LVI, there should be 610.

Part of the drop-off from the peak year of 2009 may be because I devoted much more time to my General Counsel Metrics benchmarks starting mid-way through that year. Also, hyperposts – assemblages of six or more metaposts – began to take more time. I count one in 2008, 17 in 2009, 6 last year and 3 half-way through 2011.

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