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If not a profit center, at least ferret out insurance coverage that might cover attorney fees in litigation

Any comments by me on insurance coverage tread dangerously close to a topic where my total ignorance almost outweighs my desire to write about topics of law department management. Almost. In Executive Counsel, Dec. 2011/Jan. 2012 at 20, Peter Selvin describes a number of ways that comprehensive general liability insurance as well as D&O insurance might provide coverage in patent infringement suits. The article goes beyond patent suits, covering misappropriation of trade secrets and some statutory claims, for example. It also covers several kinds of insurance products that might soften the courtroom blows.

My point is not about arcane insurance laws, policies, and rights, but about the role of in-house counsel to find insurance coverage that saves the corporate client money. The law department can tangibly benefit its client if it uncovers Rembrandts in the attic or insurance to claim against should the Rembrandt be damaged or lost.