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In-house lawyers burdened by technology through longer hours but like their work better

Geoff Gussis, writing on In-House Blog on Nov. 20, 2007, , summarizes the findings from a recent survey from Computer Weekly.

“A survey of 115 in-house lawyers at multinational firms said technology made their working life more satisfying despite the longer hours, as many were allowed to work from home.
The survey was carried out by law firm Kemp Little LLP and PLC Law Department magazine.
The majority of respondents (56.1%) said that technology had led to longer working hours. But 46.5% said that their working lives are more satisfying.”

In addition to the flexibility of getting some work done at home or during a commute, I suspect that a few of the lawyers like being in immediate touch and being able to help out quickly. Other ways that technology enhances satisfaction is that it can increase productivity and quality.

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