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Indefatigable doesn’t mean skinny: new ventures in the past year of this blog

Let’s see, what have I done differently on this blog in the past year or so?

Three changes particularly stand out. First is the distribution of my posts on Twitter through TweetDeck. I now have hits on this blog from Twitter all the time (See my post of Nov. 16, 2009: lists on Twitter; and May 24, 2010: retweets.). Second is my posting of the 10 best posts of each month, two months later, on social network sites such as Connected, LinkedIn and Legal OnRamp. Again, spreading the word. Third, in terms of improvements is the new “linkwithin” function of TypePad. All the time these days I see clicks to related posts that are suggested by TypePad at the bottom of my primary post. Some of that back-referencing I do on my own, such as in the second sentence of this paragraph but the automated functions must be doing something appreciated by readers.

Other innovations on this blog include syndication on Newstext, my making available all my metaposts on my website (, registration for my newsletter and the first issue sent out, my third blook – structure, more ads hosted by me, the extreme pride of being an ABA Blawg 100 Honoree, the evolution of hyperposts, my first .Gif animated notice (for the General Counsel Metrics benchmark effort), drawing on ideas from the Academy of Management Review, and my internal use of Examine software (See my post of Nov. 9, 2009: a test of Examine.).

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