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Integration of systems — matter management and service of process

Pulte Homes’s Law Department announced in mid-September that it was the first client to integrate CT’s service of process system with Serengeti’s matter management system. As a registered agent, CT receives and processes a blizzard of legal documents every day. These subpoenas, complaints, and other documents can now be automatically handled by Serengeti’s service of process module. That module routes the CT information to existing matters in Serengeti’s matter management system or creates new matters, and then tracks response deadlines.

This integrative capability is an impressive example of the spread of law department technology. Others come to mind. Matter management systems absorb e-billing (See my post of Aug. 21, 2005 on the overlap.), Board of Directors packages absorb online conferencing and other functions (See my post of Oct. 1, 2006 on BoardVantage), word processing absorbed redlining and style checkers, matter management systems connect with e-mail systems. At this time, however, matter management systems and IP databases have not merged (See my post of May 1, 2005).

Each of these integrations make life easier for the in-house counsel because they collect information more easily, enable more functions with a common look and feel, improve workflow, and more closely resemble the multi-tasking style of in-house lawyers (See my post of June 27, 2006 on portals and references cited.).

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