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Intriguing idea based on Sabine Chalmers’: post-mortem competitions by law firms

On a panel summarized in the ACC Docket, Jan./Feb. 2010 at 91, the always thoughtful Sabine Chalmers, chief legal officer of Anheuser-InBev, spoke admiringly of a “law firm that came to her with an analysis of a previous deal, explaining 10 ways they could be more efficient with similar deals in the future.”

A general counsel might invite a few firms to critique a recent deal, in part to learn ways to handle the next one better and in part to let firms strut their stuff about creativity, knowledge of the legal service area, etc. It would be something like creating a case study for an MBA course. You put in enough details to make the problem credible and then let the firms analyze it and put forward improvements (See my post of May 27, 2008: post mortems with 7 references.).