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Keyboards that don’t hurt and three specific ones mentioned

Many in-house lawyers spend hours every day typing. Keyboards rule. All that motion and position, however, can be painful for your hands, arms and shoulders. The proper ergonomics of keyboarding, therefore, make a huge difference.

A recent article explains healthy keyboard placement. “Hands should rest easily an inch or so above the lap, with wrists and elbows properly supported.” Sometimes people use drop-down keyboard holders, adjustable chairs, and various wrist supports to solve this. But the article points out that wireless keyboards let you put yours in the most comfortable position. It cites the Microsoft Arc.

A fancier keyboard from Smartfish Ergomotion “captures your typing habits and then gradually changes its keyboard angle to match your hand and wrist position. No kidding.” Hard to believe, but this protean board is only $150.

At the top of the line is a keyboard from Optimus Maximus Keyboard ($2,400, yes two thousand) which allows every key to be customizable. Very repetitive data entry or arthritic or injured fingers can change the key they hit. IT would have a fit!

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