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Kudos to a law firm that re-engineered processes and software to meet the demands of a client

Law departments like law firms that innovate to meet the department’s needs. As an example, KMWorld, Feb. 2012, at 10-11, describes one client that uses Littler Mendelson to mediate, settle and defend EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) complaints. The client’s law department wanted a nationwide fixed price for that work. The law firm, which focuses on labor and employment law, scrutinized, altered and streamlined every step of how EEOC charges are handled and rolled out early in 2010 customized software to enable the new procedures. The software includes a dashboard to show counsel and clients an aggregated view of where the company stands on charges.

As described in the article, this exemplifies both innovation and teaming, including, I assume, some differences in how the company responds to charges. Even if Littler were to market the software capabilities for the benefit of other companies, the originating company will benefit from a flow of improvements. Many law departments could challenge their primary firms to redesign software, workflows, work management and resources to the benefit of the department.