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Law Department Management Blog dreams beyond search algorithms

Wired’s Business Trends 2008 describes four online services that use people in addition to algorithms to filter the Internet’s wealth of information: Brijit, Mahalo, ChaCha, and Squidoo. What this blawgster tries to do, with Internet material as well as hardcopy and my own consulting experience, is somewhat similarly to curate the domain of law department management.

Achievable, not for years; hubristic, yes; useful to some people, certainly if you judge by the couple of hundred people who read this site on any given day. Even more useful, I presume, to the ten or so a day who spend more than 10 minutes reading blog posts.

It keeps me pumped up that I am doing my small part to find, organize, and enrich ideas in a tiny niche. A miniscule niche in comparison to the vastness of all information out there, but vital to a few lawyers. “Dartmouth is a small college, but there are those who love it.”

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