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Law departments ought to have some sympathy for law firms besieged by e-billing systems

At least 17 vendors of e-billing software have been identified by the Legal Electronic Data Exchange Standard (LEDES) Oversight Committee (See my post of Nov. 20, 2007 with its invitation for survey respondents.). There may be others, because those were the vendors encountered only by the two law firms that are members of the Oversight Committee (See my posts of July, 11, 2006 with a list of six vendors; and Oct. 26, 2007 with five more.).

A palliative for this profusion may come from eBillingHub According to an email I received from Greg Coticchia, the company’s CEO, the software from his company saves law firms time and money when they have to comply with multiple e-billing systems. This software as a service (SaaS) might be advantageous for law departments also if their firms can thereby meet their needs more easily (See my post of Dec. 1, 2007 on the eventual cost transfer of onerous e-billing demands.).