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Law departments and Research & Development

After a slow start with posts that mention Research & Development (R&D), this blog has picked up the pace. So I did some research and developed this metapost.

The bulk of the posts have to do with benchmarks (See my post of Aug. 3, 2005: patents granted per million dollars of R&D spend by Microsoft; Dec. 21, 2005: IP lawyers per million dollars of R&D spend; July 13, 2008 #3: patents per R&D spend are increasing steadily; Jan. 12, 2009 #1: R&D spend is 7 times total legal spend; Dec. 8, 2006: financial performance doesn’t correlate to patent count or quality; Aug. 13, 2008: R&D spend may correlate to total legal spend; Feb. 18, 2009: Bosch’s R&D is 7.7% of revenue; and Feb. 6, 2009: higher ROI for R&D with inventor rewards.).

Other posts look at structural points (See my post of Feb. 19, 2006: should patent group report to R&D; March 23, 2008: Patent Review Committees; June 25, 2008: R&D should assign patent lawyers to inventions early on; and Jan. 8, 2009: if companies globalize R&D, why not legal.).