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Law department retreats (off-sites) and Morrison’s rule of three

When a law department decides to gather its lawyers (and perhaps other legal professionals) for an off-site retreat, its planners might invoke Morrison ’s Rule of Three.  One third of the retreat should involve clients speaking about what they do and what they need from the law department.  All law departments need to know more about the businesses they support. 

Another third should be updates on the law that pertains to the company.  Law firm speakers or speakers from the department can educate the participants on new developments and how to respond. 

A third portion of the retreat should concern law department management.  All the in-house counsel share a support infrastructure, a technology platform, records management needs, relations with paralegals, management of outside counsel, and other administrative demands.

Using this Rule of Three, a retreat is enriched because the participants learn about their company, the laws they need to know, and how they can work together efficiently.

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