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Law firms help law departments develop rule-based drafting systems

According to Tim Allen, the CEO of Business Integrity, several law firms have used that company’s software, DealBuilder, to create applications for law departments.

Clifford Chance was engaged by Cisco to work on the automation of Cisco’s global sales contracts, by UBS to work on the automation of its banking agreements, and by PWCL in Kuwait to automate its supply chain contracts.

Eversheds was engaged by Microsoft to support automation of its End-user License Agreements and by Amazon in Europe to automate its European HR agreements.

Littler Mendelson is being engaged by various law departments and HR departments to automate US hiring agreements, employee handbooks, and ADRs

Not only is document assembly a useful tool for law departments (See my post of Feb. 6, 2007.) but law firms can help law departments clear the hurdle of developing the application (See my post of
Dec. 1, 2006 about law firms (rarely) training law-department lawyers.).