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Leading publications that have been sources of information or ideas for this blog

Confirming yet again that I am addicted to metrics, I identified the publications where I have gathered the most blog material. Here are the 23 most prolific contributors over the 33 months of this blog. They total 674 posts, nearly a quarter of my writing, with a median of 23 per publication.

Publication Posts

InsideCounsel 83
Financial Times 66
Legal Week 59
Metropolitan Corp. Counsel 49
Corporate Counsel 49
Economist 36
National Law Journal 33
NY Times 33
Harvard Bus. Review 32
Counsel to Counsel 28
ACC and ACCA Docket 23
Corporate Legal Times 23
GC Mid-Atlantic 23
Wall St. Journal 21
Law Practice 19
Business Week 17
MIT Sloan Mgt. Review 15
ABA Journal 13
Law Department Quarterly 12
Law Firm Inc. 12
McKinsey Quarterly 12
Strategy + Business 9
Canadian Lawyer InHouse 7