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Legal publications that regularly print articles that are useful for managers of law departments

In a backhanded way this blog has already identified the publications that put out on a regular basis articles that help managers of in-house counsel. I listed the most common sources for my own reading and, inevitably, blogging (See my post of Nov. 13, 2007.), of which 14 of the 23 aim for a target readership of company lawyers. The 14 are listed below.

ABA Journal, ACC and ACCA Docket, Canadian Lawyer InHouse, Counsel to Counsel, Corporate Counsel, InsideCounsel (formerly known as Corporate Legal Times), Legal Week, Metropolitan Corp. Counsel, National Law Journal, GC Mid-Atlantic, GC New York, Law Practice, Law Department Quarterly, and Law Firm Inc.

Executive Legal Advisor
is another good source of law-department management writing but it did not make my original list just as top of mind and Legal Week did not. Some of my good sources have not been seen for a while; Inform: Life, Law & Business and Legalaffairs no longer show up.

The weaknesses in this list are that they are all in English, so what publications in other languages have to say about in-house management lies beyond me. As an example, I just ran across Legally Yours, a magazine that looks classy but which is published in Swedish. Second, I have not covered in this list anything by bar associations of the British Commonwealth (Australia, New Zealand, Canada, or India, for example) nor by the Commerce & Industry group in Britain. I have missed out on several of the ALM offerings, such as the Recorder and their Connecticut publication.

I welcome recommendations by others of any useful publications for law department managers that I have missed.

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