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Legal work sent offshore in early 2008, smallest of six functions, might be 2% of companies now?

In January 2008, CFO magazine surveyed 181 finance executives about their company’s offshoring practices. About one out of three said their company used “offshore outsourcing” and another ten percent planned to.

In CFO, Vol. 24, March 2008 at 76, a chart shows six job functions and what percentage of the respondents that were already outsourcing offshore or planned to had sent overseas. The highest percentage (57.1% of the companies) handled that way was “Information technology;” the lowest percentage (1.4%) was “Legal” – but at least it was mentioned.

If the respondent group was representative of US companies and if the passage of one year has increased the incidence of legal offshoring, is it plausible that two out of hundred law departments now send some work overseas to legal process outsourcers?

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