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Legal committees of trade associations

Previous posts have delved into groups for general counsel (See my post of Feb. 2, 2005 with my first collection of groups.) and groups for lawyers with a common substantive interest (See my post of Dec. 19, 2005 about PELF, and other post cites.). A third category brings together lawyers from companies in the same industry, and often their gatherings include a presentation on some facet of law department management.

By way of examples, I have spoken before the legal committees of the Manufacturers’ Alliance for Productivity Improvement (MAPI, Association of Life Insurance Counsel (ALIC), Food Management Institute (FMI), the Edison Electrical Institute, the Petroleum Club, and PHARMA. There are counterpart legal committees to these in the Chemical Manufacturers’ Association (CMA), the American Bankers Association (ABA), and the Futures Industry Association (Law & Compliance Division). Almost every industry trade group probably has a law committee appendage.

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