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Let’s have a training game based on how to reduce the costs of a legal department

A game created by two professors pitted teams against each other to create a strategic plan for a mythical law firm. Why not do this for a legal department?

According to Strategies: The J. of Legal Mkting., Vol. 11, July 2009 at 20, Indiana University’s Mauer School of Law Associate Professor William Henderson and Anthony Kearns of Australia’s Legal Practitioners Liability Committee created a game that “pitted teams of law firm partners, clients, law students, and consultants against each other to create a strategy that would allow [a fictional law firm] to live another decade.” Over the course of two days, these 44 players embarked on role-playing exercises to save a fictional, struggling law firm. They extracted many lessons from the exercise.

It would be fascinating to play a comparable game for a fictional legal department that has to slash its budget (See my post of Nov. 18, 2007: massively multi-player online role playing games; and Dec. 12, 2007: snakes and ladders.).

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