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Life on The EDGE: DuPont’s tool to help collaboration with its Preferred Law Firms

As described in Met. Corp. Counsel, Feb. 2006 at 50, DuPont’s The EDGE is a “Web-based collaboration and knowledge management tool” the law department rolled out in early 2005. The EDGE has a variety of capabilities: (1) a resource center that contains information of general applicability to the key law firms DuPont uses and to its in-house lawyers; (2) practice-group sites; (3) sites dedicated to specific cases or groups of cases; and (4) sites devoted to specific programs, presumably such as diversity.

An extranet such as this one, with shared access by in-house and outside counsel, has much to commend it (See my post of Feb. 12, 2006 on extranets provided by law firms; Jan. 30, 2006 on ChevronTexaco’s extranet; Jan. 3, 2006 on Tyco’s; Oct. 21, 2005 on extranets used other than in litigation; Aug. 27, 2005 and some reservations about extranets; and June 27, 2006 that compares extranets to portals.).