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Litigation management Part III — intellectual property litigation costs

So many posts on Law Department Management have had something to say about the costliness of patent litigation that I decided to corral them here (See my post of March 10, 2005: IP litigation costs; March 29, 2005: patent litigation costs; May 1, 2005: patent costs when litigated; May 4, 2005: patent litigation costs; Oct. 2, 2006: IP = incredibly pricey; Feb. 7, 2007: patent litigation costs in England; and Feb. 13, 2008: costs of patent lawsuits.).

Other dimensions of IP litigation costs have shown up (See my post of Dec. 31, 2006: frequent reductions of patent awards; May 13, 2007: Microsoft’s IP litigation spend; Nov. 11, 2005: $100 million for patent litigation at Microsoft; June 11, 2007: US data on patent litigation; June 14, 2007: average legal fees and numbers of filings; and May 4, 2007: event studies with patent lawsuits.)